Capital Growth Focused Investing

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Absolute Performance Focused
Preservation of capital in both good and bad market conditions is the cornerstone of our investment process. Over the long term, our goal is to make sure we produce tax efficient, positive returns.
Alignment with Investors
We’re in this together. A significant portion of the liquid assets of the partners are invested in the firms portfolios. If we invest in a company, we take the same risk you do. This alignment eliminates the risk of lack of focus and attention on the portfolio. We care just as much as you do.
We firmly believes independence is key for asset managers. We are not trying to sell additional products. We are simply making sound investment decisions for your personal wealth. Period. Nothing more… We focus 100% of our effort on this task.
Fees Aligned with Performance
Fee structure not fixed. What you pay is variable to the performance of the fund.
“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”
Superior Risk Management
We have an extensive risk management process in place to safeguard our clients

ROIC Driven Investing

MAHOGANY Asset Management approaches investment management with a philosophy that well managed companies tend to deliver superior long term shareholder returns. Our investment approach seeks to identify undervalued assets and brands that are managed by superior managers that have built their careers by generating superior returns on capital supplied by investors.

Simplified Investment Approach

  • Focus on generating capital returns
  • Not an index product
  • Not a trading strategy
  • Rigorous stock selection process
  • Contrarian spirit
  • Absolute return focused
  • Tax efficient investing

What We Look For


We focus on identifying undervalued companies with simple business models and high cash flow visibility. If we cannot figure out how the company makes money in the first minute, we don’t invest.

The “MAHOGANY Capital Identification Process” seeks to identify companies that command:

  • Intrinsic value per share > current share price
  • Improving industry fundamentals
  • Simple business models
  • Predictable free cash flows
  • Dominant in their industry
  • Durable brands
  • Improving cost structure
About Our Approach

Risk Management


Investing money for our clients is a privilege and responsibility afforded to us that we hold with a deep sense of gratitude and humility. MAHOGANY Asset Management takes a rigorous approach to risk management by investing with a framework of constraints designed to ensure your capital is being handled in a responsible and risk managed centric approach.

The firm applies a consistent and strict rules based approach to stock selection and asset allocation. We prohibit the use of leverage in our investment strategy and restrict our investments to countries with a strong and equitably applied rule of law. Our investment process is 100% transparent as our clients are constantly updated on portfolio changes and performance.

Our investments are highly liquid in nature with the goal of being able to quickly respond to the needs to our clients in a quick and responsible time period. We also apply extensive internal compliance to ensure no conflicts of interest with our clients. The MAHOGANY Growth Fund is administered by National Bank which provides the fund accounting and settlement services for our unit holders.

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Our Product Offerings

The MAHOGANY Growth Fund seeks to preserve capital and to seek maximum, long-term capital appreciation commensurate with reasonable risk. View Our Products

Work With Us

MAHOGANY Asset strives to be your investment partner.
We seek to understand your investment goals and needs. Please contact us to discuss.