Client Centric Approach

Client Principles

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”
Investment Partnership
We’re not selling a generic mutual fund. We’re selling an investment management relationship. And that involves more than just a quarterly newsletter. Our clients are informed of portfolio changes, our investment views and market activities. Our clients know what we are thinking. We communicate. We are true partners.
Invested Alongside our Clients
We’re in this together. 100% of the liquid assets of the partners are invested in the firms portfolios. If we invest in a company, we take the same risk you do. This alignment eliminates the risk of lack of focus and attention on the portfolio. We care just as much as you do.
We communicate. You’ll know what we are thinking, the rationale behind our investment decisions and what we anticipate to happen. Our fund is open.
Fees Aligned with Performance
Our management fees are below industry averages – forcing us to grow our business through performance, not aggregation of assets. Also, we utilize a performance fee model so that we only profit when you profit.
We firmly believes independence is key for asset managers. We are not trying to sell additional products. We are simply making sound investment decisions for your personal wealth. Period. Nothing more… We focus 100% of our effort on this task.

Commitment to Service

We don’t just believe in open, ongoing communication, we practice it. Whether by telephone, e-mail or in a personal meeting, a portfolio manager is available to discuss any aspect of your investment. We ensure:

  • You will receive monthly portfolio updates and commentary from our team.
  • Our team will be available to answer of your questions about the firm, your investment or the overall markets.
  • We will hold regular client updates in person and / or client functions.

Client Safeguards

Code of Conduct / Business Ethics: The MAHOGANY Code of Business Conduct and Ethics requires that all MAHOGANY employees adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business conduct.

Internal Compliance Procedures: The MAHOGANY Chief Compliance Officer monitors adherence to all rules and regulations governing investment funds as well as MAHOGANY’s internal policies and procedures. This includes monitoring trading activities by the firms employees, reviewing reports on portfolio composition and valuation to ensure compliance with securities regulations and the simplified prospectus, and monitoring employee trading and compliance with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Third Party Custodial / Valuation: Custodial services for all securities held in client accounts, are provided through the National Bank Correspondent Network, which is owned by the National Bank of Canada. The provision of security recordkeeping and custody by independent service providers results in multiple parties being involved in transactions in client accounts. The benefit to clients is additional oversight of the firm’s procedures to ensure all assets are accounted for accurately.

Strict Adherence to Industry Standards: MAHOGANY Asset Management operates within the strictly regulated Canadian securities industry. IIROC requires us to maintain adequate risk-adjusted capital to cover our business-specific risks, keep comprehensive and accurate records, employ appropriate procedures for handling securities, and carry sufficient fidelity bond insurance. IIROC monitors our compliance with these requirements through independent audits conducted regularly by external auditors and by IIROC examiners.

Independent Audit: Both MAHOGANY Asset Management and the MAHOGANY Growth Fund undergo an annual audit by an independent auditing firm.

Work With Us

MAHOGANY Asset strives to be your investment partner.
We seek to understand your investment goals and needs. Please contact us to discuss.